On the inside

Pink Punters Nightclub est 2000.

What's on:

celebrating 24 years as Milton Keynes premier LGBT+ venue

Friendly / Welcoming / Safe


It’s been that way for a while – We’re an MK institution for a reason. Other bars and clubs come and go, meanwhile we’ve got stronger and our opening hours longer!

and probably the uk's most diverse venue

We’re a place for everyone
no matter where you come from or where you’re heading

We’ve got a huge range of rooms to use during your visit to Pink Punters. We try and cater to our customers with a different mix of music and atmosphere. From our a glamorous cocktail bar to
a gurney basement there’s always somewhere to find your people.

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Last night was good, tonight'll be better.

Never too much of a good thing…

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Picture of the week


Last night was good, tonight'll be better.

Want to make a night really stand out? For you, your friends your business? Contact us about a custom venue booking from karaoke to full venue.


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