Strategic change for Pink Punters in 2024

In an attempt to further improve the service standards and safety at Pink Punters, you are invited to register for our free Pink Punters membership.

Invitation into this membership is not open to all, and so it will mean we are more selective with our members – people who respect and support our corporate values.

  • Members will have demonstrated a history of the correct attitudes and behaviours.
  • Non-members will be limited and will need to demonstrate the correct attitudes and behaviours before being accepted.
  • Members will see increasing benefits at no additional costs.

You are being personally invited to join.

Tickets     From £10
Events     540 +
Rooms     7
Contact     4
About     2000-2024
Club     FROM 10PM
Photos     100,000+
2000-2024     About
from 10pm     Club
8     CSR
100,000+     Photos